A complete guide to configure Windows 10 for mining

The best operating system to build mining rigs is Windows 10. There are other solutions, for example, in the form of a flash drive with Mining OS based on the Linux kernel. But why? If the Windows 10 in stock, supports a large number of video cards.

How to properly configure Windows 10 operating system for mining?

Table of contents:

  1. How to disable automatic update of Windows 10
  2. How to disable real-time protector in Windows 10
  3. Increase paging file on Windows 10
  4. Disable power-saving mode in Windows 10
  5. How to make a shortcut to Startup on your desktop
  6. Create a backup Win 10
  7. The most stable Windows version for mining


Disable automatic updates and Windows Defender

Like any operating system, Windows 10 has drawbacks – an unmountable update center. By the way, it is impossible to launch more than 5 cards on win 7, and here you can find out where to buy cards cheap.

To configure the system, we need a special program DWS_Lite. It will not only prevent Windows from searching for updates, but also disable the intrusive Windows defender.

Download the latest version of the program at the link: https://github.com/Nummer/Destroy-Windows-10-Spying/releases


After performing the first stage, refuse to reboot and immediately disable Windows Update on the 3 tab. After that, you can reboot.


Windows 10, how to increase the paging file?

Why is it necessary to increase virtual memory on the farm? The answer is simple, for more stable operation of the miner.

From the recommendations for Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD + NVIDIA GPU Miner v10: for systems with several GPUs (video cards), set the virtual memory size in Windows 10 to at least 16 GB.

Claymore Dual Miner is the most popular and best ether miner.

Go to My Computer->Properties or My Computer-> Computer Properties

Next, Advanced System Settings or Advanced System Settings

Go, Speed-> Options-> Advanced-> Virtual Memory or Performance-> Advanced-> Virtual Memory

Remove the check mark from the automatic selection and set the required amount of memory manually 16384 MB


How to disable hibernation on Windows 10

In order for our farm to work 24/7 and consistently generate income, it is necessary to disable the OS from going to sleep when it is idle.

Open the “Control Panel”

Go to All Control Panel Items.

Editing the current power scheme

Wherever possible, set “Never”, where you are required to enter a numerical value, specify “0”.

We apply the changes, now the computer will not turn off involuntarily.


Creating a startup shortcut on the desktop

Open “My Computer” and enter in the address bar: %appdata%

Come, Microsoft-> Windows-> Start Menu-> Programs

Sending a shortcut to startup on your desktop


Create a backup of Windows 10 with settings for mining

We need the Acronis True Image program, which allows you to create a copy of the hard disk on removable media and, if necessary, restore the OS from the backup. Also, a copy of a customized operating system can be useful for cloning to other rigs. It only remains to change the Microsoft product key and the computer name on the local network.


Windows version 1703 for mining

The most stable Windows version for mining is build 1703 (Build 15063.0).

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